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Director or writer: What do you want Hrithik to do first?


Hrithik Roshan is thinking of writing a book on his life, but says he doesn’t have a flair for writing.

Be it Karan Johar’s much talked-about biography An Unsuitable Boy, Yasser Usman’s Rekha: The Untold Story or actor Rishi Kapoor’s autobiography Khullam Khulla, celebrities are telling their Bollywood stories in an uncensored style. Even superstar Shah Rukh Khan is working on his autobiography.

Hrithik, who has seen several ups and downs in personal and professional life, admits that the thought of coming out with a book has crossed his mind. “I have thought of it, but I am not a writer. I am still thinking of it,” said Hrithik.

The Kaabil star also confessed that he doesn’t harbour any dream of sitting on a director’s chair, unlike his father Rakesh Roshan.

He said, “Being a director requires internal calling. I don’t have that calling. People might say that I am very involved, I have ideas but having an idea about something, tweaking something or adding something is different from creating from scratch. I don’t think I have that.”

After the success of Kaabil, Hrithik has not signed any other film project yet.