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BangBangDare's got all the whole of Bollywood going out and about!

Hrithik Roshan

By Tulsi, News Network

And this time, Hrithik dares our most unpredictable star of Bollywood: Aamir Khan. The man who has something new to show us every time has been asked to shed his inhibitions, in the form of the transistor that he used for PK’s first poster.

PK’s poster has created a buzz, where he poses naked, covering his manhood with a transistor. Naughty Hrithik creates a bigger buzz (for his own film or for Aamir’s film, we don’t know) by asking the tough guy to “put it down”. The transistor we mean. 

He says: “By POPULAR DEMAND! today’s #bangbangdare goes 2 d man himself THE PK! @aamir_khan! Your dare is -” PUT THE TRANSISTOR DOWN!!,” he tweeted. Now Aamir is one man who cannot be challenged. And so he accepts his dare and fulfills it in the most unexpected, natural way like the actor always does. Though to many’s disappointment, Aamir Khan shoots a video of him putting down the transistor, but with his clothes on! Now, of course Mr. Bang Bang forgot to clarify that part, and Mr. Smarty Pants kept his pants on while fulfilling the challenge with confidence and humour.

We must admit, the #BangBangDare is a fun and innovative way to market Hrithik’s film Bang Bang. Commonly known as the sexy Greek and the fitness freak, Hrithik means to inspire his friends and his fans for a healthy lifestyle by asking Bollywood celebs to do crazy things that promote the same. So far we have seen many celebs do all sorts of things to prove their fitness level to Hrithik Roshan. Ranveer Singh’s random dance on the street in a Krishh costume, Farhan Akhtar’s cycling journey with a skydiving costume, Shahrukh’s favourite flab-to-ab exercise and Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom-inspired headstands, we’ve now seen a new side of Bollywood celebrities.

We are now awaiting Salman Khan’s painting dare. Let’s see what it’s really like #BeingSalmanKhan!