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All's well between Hrithik and Salman!

Hrithik Roshan


New Delhi, Oct. 11 -- Rumour mills are abuzz that there might be a rift between actors Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan after the latter supposedly snubbed the former by not responding to his 'dare request' on Twitter. However, it now seems that all may be well

Hrithik, who visited the Bigg Boss house recently, left a special message for Salman, who hosts the show.

Hrithik credits Salman for helping him workout, when the former had just entered the industry.

"When Hrithik's dad wanted to launch him as an actor, he needed to talk to someone, as he was very lanky. He could not think of any one better than Salman, who could advise him on how to build his physique," says a source.

"Salman handed over the keys of his gym and told me, 'It's all yours. Do whatever you want'," says Hrithik, adding that Salman used to wake him up at 2 am and ask him to meet him at the gym, and Hrithik would always agree.