Honey Irani Biography

Honey Irani

Honey Irani was born into a Zoroastrian family on January 17, 1950. She was married to Javed Akhtar. Although the marriage ended in divorce, they had two children, one son Farhan Akhtar and a daughter Zoya Akhtar.

Both her children are Indian filmmakers. She is the maternal aunt of choreographer/director Farah Khan and director/host Sajid Khan. Her sister Daisy Irani was a famous child artist of the 50's and 60's.

Honey Irani began her Bollywood career as a child actress with roles in films like Chirag Kahaan Roshni Kahaan and Bombay Ka Chor. She has acted in over 72 films. Later, she became a successful scriptwriter.

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