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Nakhra nahin, it was a request: Hema Malini

Hema Malini


Mumbai, Oct. 19 -- Once a star, always a star. At least that's what it looked like when someone uploaded an undated video of yesteryear Bollywood actor turned- politician Hema Malini, throwing was a starry tantrum at a political rally.

In the video, the Member of Parliament from Mathura refuses to sit in a sedan and demands a 'jeep' or SUV to travel in, instead. "Jeep veep nahi hai kya? (No jeep?)" she is seen questioning. She then walks away, making it clear that she will step inside a car befitting of her stature.

When the SUV finally arrives, she refuses to sit because she wants someone to adjust the seat for her. Interestingly, the video surfaced three days ago. Since then, tweeple have been taking potshots at Hema. "Shocked to see your fuss over a small car in Mathura," tweeted @amalpar.

"Saw Hema Malini on the tantrum tape. She was super demeaning towards people at a lower position to her," tweeted @dalal_vikram. However, in a series of tweets on Friday (October 17), the actor clarified her stand. "First of all, it was not a nakra as accused... It was a legitimate request... I always prefer an SUV where I sit in front and ppl are happy to see me. This way, the Pratyashi & one other can sit at the bk (sic)," she wrote.

The actor also cited security reasons for the request. "As it happened in Haryana, thousands converge on the car, helicopter etc... There is no controlling the hysteria & ppl can get badly hurt & that upsets me. I avoid road shows not bec of personal reasons... I hope this clarifies my position (sic)," she posted in the end.