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I want to contribute to the world of culture: Hema Malini


Mumbai, Sept. 14 -- Hema Malini, who is often referred to as 'Dreamgirl', is not only known for her career as an actor but also her accomplishments as a dancer. 
The actor-film-maker-dancer says she wants to spread Indian culture around the world. "I get inspired by artistes from various countries and I want to bring them to India as I feel, cultural events are necessary in our country. We need exposure to the world. I want to contribute to the world of culture. Sirf naam bana ke kya fayda (What's the point in making a name for yourself). I can keep saying I am a dancer but bringing other cultures to our nation is also important. An amalgamation of two cultures is always beautiful," says Malini, who is trained in classical dance forms. She adds, "I will continue to dance as it is an important part of my life."
Her elder daughter Esha Deol's pregnancy has also kept the 68-year-old politician busy. Malini says she likes to keep busy through the year. 
"I am always busy with work in my constituency Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), and when things don't move the way they should, you get frustrated and wonder why and think how everything takes time. Meanwhile, as an artiste, I keep doing something or the other around dance."
With politics and Esha's pregnancy keeping her preoccupied, Malini admits she hasn't got time to think about movies for now. "There is nothing happening on that front (signing a new film). Maybe next year, I will think about movies," she says.
Talking about the arrival of a second grandchild in her family, Malini says that she has made no preparation for the baby. 
"We had a baby shower recently. The first one was a south Indian style and we then had a Sindhi style baby shower. As for preparation for the baby, I have done nothing because my mother used to say that before a baby is born, one shouldn't buy anything for the baby. So, we will make all arrangements after the baby is born."