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Harman Baweja: 'I had to work on my looks'

Harman Baweja

New Delhi, April 2 -- Actor Harman Baweja is back with a new film, a new look and a new relationship, after a gap of almost five years, if you don't count his blink-and-miss appearance in Gori Tere Pyaar Mein last year. He visited the HT City office, and answered a volley of questions quite candidly.    

When asked if he has made a conscious effort to look different from actor Hrithik Roshan (inset), who Baweja was called a lookalike of, he said, "Yes, I have worked consciously (on my looks). Because I'm an individual," he said and pointed towards his cropped hair, stubble and a fuller face. With the same candour he admitted that it was hard for him to accept his films' box office failure. "Obviously, my first three films were not blockbusters by any stretch of the imagination. So, I needed to take a break, step back and introspect. Sometimes when you are very close to something, you can't be objective about it. I treated it (films and their failures) like a relationship. When you break up, you can't get over it right away. It's only when you step away can you see what went wrong, and then, you can actually laugh about it," he said.

His films Victory, Love Story 2050 (2008) and What's Your Raashee (2009)have flopped.    The 33-year-old also recently announced that he is in a relationship with actor Bipash Basu. However, he is not sure if that was the right move, since wherever he goes now, people ask him all sorts of questions.    

"People talk a lot and frivolous stories keep coming out - which is disrespectful.So we decided to come out so that when it gets spoken about, it's spoken about with respect. But it's weird, even when you have spoken about it... it's like, bole toh phansey na bole toh phansey," he smiles.