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Bipasha-Harman: Marriage at the right time..

Harman Baweja


New Delhi, Oct. 21 -- Star couple Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja's relationship status has been the talk of the town for a while now. While some rumours point towards an impending marriage, Harman clarifies, "If it (marriage with Bipasha) is meant to happen, then it will. In case it does not, there will be a better path which will open up."

"Marriage is a very natural process and it cannot be planned," he adds. "I am not much of a planner. In fact I don't ever plan anything. These things are driven by emotions," he says.

Bipasha, too, seems to agree with Harman and wants to wait for the right time. "He is right," she adds. "I have been saying this to my mother as well. She keeps asking me when we will get married. It will happen when it is the right time. I am in no hurry," she says, clarifying that no one is pressuring them into marriage.

The two, who were in Delhi recently to launch their chain of fitness centres, also insist on keeping their personal life away from public glare. "Our families and close friends are the ones who matter. They have the right to ask questions and they need to know things. Other than that, some things are just personal," says Harman,

How is it being business partners, we ask, and he says, "We've known each other for long. We are thorough professionals when it comes to our work. But once it is over, we don't continue to have work discussions."