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Hard Kaur: It's our right to be in the international charts!

Hard Kaur


New Delhi, May 7 -- Rapper and hip hop singer Hard Kaur thinks lack of unity is the main reason that not many musicians from India are making a mark in the international market.

"I believe that if we stop fighting with each other, we can make it bigger internationally. Why aren't many Indian artists doing well abroad?" she questions, and adds, "Dus saal baad ek banda aata hai...we get Apache Indian and then after ten years we get Jay Sean and then again after ten years we get someone else... so basically we are ruining everything before we even get it."

She adds that lack of support is another reason for lack of global recognition. "It's our right to be in the international charts. You know, agar apni country hi support nahi karegi toh bahar kaise karenge. Idhar itna talent hai itne acche bands hai, singers hai, agar hum unko aage karenge toh woh internationally bhi famous honge," says the 35-year-old singer, famous for her numbers Party Abhi Baaki Hai and Laung Da Lashkara.