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Hansal Mehta: A film on homosexuality..

Hansal Mehta


Mumbai, Dec. 8 -- Ever since Hansal Mehta won the National Award for Shahid (2013), the director has been hitting the headlines for making films that talk about marginalised sections of the society. The 46-year-old's next, that deals with homosexuality, will feature Manoj Bajpayee as a gay professor.

Hansal confirms that Manoj's character will be loosely based on Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, a professor from Aligarh Muslim University, who was expelled, and then found dead two months later. The professor was caught on spycam having consensual sex with a rickshaw-puller a few days prior to his retirement.

"It's not exactly about him, but is based around that incident," says Hansal, adding, "The film will be based on many such events. Shahid was based on a certain section that was marginalised, and then Citylights, too, dealt with immigrants - another type of marginalised section in the society. So, this (film), will deal with the LGBT community and the atrocities that they have to face.

Our society is regressive...they think homosexuality is a disease. Only here can Baba Ramdev come on camera, and say that he has the treatment to this disease." Hansal believes that films need to showcase real society. "You are there for 120-140 minutes, you want to know about the issues born from real-life events. From my experience, these events are mostly about how marginalised sections are treated in society," he says.