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Vishal Bhardwaj: 'Gulzar says he's done with films'



Mumbai, Oct. 7 -- Over the years, he has written poetry, stories and directed award-winning films. But Gulzar has decided that he wants to focus on writing now, and will not direct any more movies. The veteran has wielded the megaphone for successful films like Mere Apne (1971), Parichay (1972), Mausam (1975), Angoor (1982) and Maachis (1996), and his last release, Hu Tu Tu (1999).

Film-maker Vishal Bhardwaj, who is close to Gulzar, says, "For the first four-five years (after Hu Tu Tu), we tried (to convince him), but then we gave up because he said, 'How long will I make these films? I want to focus on the literary side.' Then one could see (the result) as he's writing books and poems now. He's done with films because he wants to concentrate on literature."

In the past, Gulzar has been quoted as saying that he sees "an extension" of himself in Bhardwaj. Ask the latter about this and he says, "It's a father-son relationship. More than that, it's a master-disciple kind of a relationship, in which the disciple is dissolved in the master. That's why he said that I am his extension; I am dissolved and born out of him."

Turns out, the camaraderie extends towards Gulzar's daughter, Meghna, too. Bhardwaj confirms he is collaborating with her for her next film. "I am co-producing it. I wrote the film especially for her. Although I haven't been on the sets, she has done a great job," he says, adding, "We just saw the first cut a few days back, and it's a great, gripping material that she has come up with. Irrfan (Khan; actor) is going crazy over her work."