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Gulshan Grover: Nowadays actors are kaamchors


Gulshan Grover not just enjoys portraying negative characters on screen, but also makes sure that each is different from the other. 
The actor says he prefers experimenting with his look so that visually it’s appealing to the audience. He has done it for films such as Shola Aur Shabnam (1992), Sir (1993), Ram Lakhan (1989) and 16 December (2002), and has recently experimented with his look for his upcoming film Behen Hogi Teri.
“My fans always tell me that they miss the larger-than-life villains I portrayed on screen. They also tell me how my negative characters look different from each other... I guess that is important. Nowadays, actors are kaamchors and just blindly follow the script. They avoid working hard and adding something new to the role to make it interesting. I feel that’s why most of the villains fail to impress, barring a few, of course,” says the original bad man of Bollywood.
Grover will be seen playing Dhappi dada, an antagonist, in Ajay K Pannalal’s Behen Hogi Teri starring Rajkummar Rao and Shruti Haasan. Grover shares that his look in the film will be a surprise. 
“I have tried presenting Dhappi dada in a way that it looks interesting and relevant in the present times. He is an ex-wrestler who creates havoc in the lives of Gattu (Rajkummar) and Binni (Shruti). Though Anthony D’Souza (the producer of the film) took a little inspiration from Aamir Khan’s Dangal for the character — like the short hair and all — but what I added to it will surprise everyone,” he adds.
The actor also praises co-stars Rajkummar and Shruti. “I enjoyed working with them more so because they are not just talented but dedicated actors as well,” says Grover.