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Why are there three 'R' in Hunterrr? Gulshan Devaiah explains

Gulshan Devaiah


After the surprise box office success of Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum and Grand Masti, the Hindi film industry is opening up for more adult comedies. Director Harshwardhan Kulkarni’s Hunterrr is latest in the list.

The lead actor Gulshan Devaiah, who plays Mandar Ponkshe in the film, talks about his role. “I got the script and realised that Hunetrrr has a very Amol Palekar vibe to it. It’s about an average young man whose dress sense is rather bad, has an average job, and on top of everything else, he doesn’t care much about any bigger success in life. The shy and insecure guy has always dreamt of a colourful life. It’s a paradox that such an under confident guy leads the life of a hunter.”

“I have never lived a life like Mandar. He overcomes his fear in order to become a stud. He is not a bad guy though he does all sorts of weird things. I am happy that there is a lot of positivity around the film,” adds Devaiah.

He adds, "I was an only child and I grew up by myself, so I always rely on my imagination to do a role. But of course, you’ve to stay with the script.”

Given the movie's genre and an "overactive Censor Board" that seems very hard on films with adult content these days, did Hunterrr run into any difficulties with the board?

Gulshan says, "We didn’t have any problem with the Censor Board as we were always going for the A certificate. It made perfect sense to us because of the theme of Hunterrr. It’s about Mandar Ponkshe’s sexual journey. Harshwardhan Kulkarni (director of the film) said, ‘I am my own censor’ and he was very practical about his approach.”

He is also happy with the final cut of the movie. Says Gulshan, “It’s not about watching the final cut.(Smiles)I have seen the film like 30 times... just joking, but I have seen it so many times that I know about almost every cut and dissolve. That's all possible versions of the story, all permutations and combinations included. But, it’s not a new thing for me as I was present during the editing of my other films like Peddlers and The Girl In Yellow Boots also.”

Since he knows about every cut of the movie, we decided to ask him to solve the mystery of the three R in the title. Does it have something to do with the three leading ladies of the movie?

“Probably you’re right. Though the film is about the numbers of women in Mandar Ponkshe’s life, but three of them are important and their stories are featured prominently. Also because our producer Vikas Bahl tries everything thrice.”

And what about the reports that two of the leading ladies of Hunterrr were not exactly "friendly" with each other?

Rather diplomatically, Gulshan says, “See, competition is quite common between two people in a professional set-up. But that doesn’t mean they’re not friends. Sai Tamhankar is a bigger star than Radhika in Marathi films while Radhika has made a name for herself in Hindi films, so it’s about different arenas.”

Talking about his future projects, Gulshan Deviah said, “I am doing a film with Pooja Bhatt called Love Affair. Then I am doing Cabaret and Junooniyat also. Candyflip is also in the pipeline.”

Hunterrr hit the screens on March 20, 2015.