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Will never give up: Gul

Gul Panag


Mumbai, Aug. 14 -- Model-turned actor- turned politician Gul Panag says she has not lost her fighting spirit and will continue to work for her political party.

"I'm building organisation and structure from the grassroots level for the party. I'm not quitting politics and I will never give up," says the actor.

When asked if she will continue with her career as an actor, she says, "I will continue to work because I love what I do. I am here to become an honest politician and not to earn a living from politics."

The actor, who has been part of films like Dor (2006), Dhoop (2003), Manorama Six Feet Under (2007), Hello (2008), Straight (2009) and Ab Tak Chhappan 2, is also a fitness fanatic. On her fitness mantra, she says, "My love for fitness grew as a result of seeing my father, who has always been fit. I think that got imbibed in me somewhere." Gul adds, "Fitness for me is planning to live a more active and healthy life."