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Racial attacks shock Gul Panag


New Delhi, June 2 -- Actor Gul Panag expresses her horror against the recent attacks on Africans in Delhi, and calls it a matter of shame for the country as a society.

The last few days has witnessed a series of attacks. On May 25, a Nigerian student in Hyderabad was allegedly beaten by an Indian over a parking dispute, while on May 28, four separate cases of alleged assault on Africans in the national capital were reported.

The Dor actor condemned these atrocities on social media and expressed her concern. She wrote, "The recent incidents against Africans in Delhi is a matter of shame for us as a society, and also a test of our law and order machinery," Gul said on Tuesday. "Let's not forget what our founding fathers said in the Constitution. The Indian state will battle and reform society's worst impulses," added Gul, who was an Aam Aadmi Party candidate in 2014.