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A Punjabi punch in Gippy, Tina's debut film..

Gippy Grewal


New Delhi, July 3 -- Actor Gippy Grewal, a known face in the Punjabi film industry, is making his Bollywood debut with Second Hand Husband.

He says he always wanted to do a film that had the best of both Punjabi and Bollywood flavours. "I was getting a lot of offers from Bollywood. But I wanted to a do Hindi film that would be loved by my Punjabi fans as well. Parts of this film have been shot in Jalandhar and Patiala, and the dialogues are all in Hindi. I feel that I am representing everyone," says Gippy, who is also a well-known singer.

Gippy makes his Bollywood debut alongside actor Govinda's daughter Tina Ahuja, also a debutant. While most newcomers like to start their careers with big banners, Tina says the movie's content and quality is as good as any big budget flick.

"Second Hand Husband is very simple cinema, but we have not compromised on anything that wouldn't make it a good film. We got the best technicians and the best of music. So, I will never say that we have compromised on the making of the film in any way. It is as good as any other big budget movie," she says.

The movie, directed by Sumeep Kang, also stars veteran actor Dharmendra, and Gippy and Tina can't stop raving about him.

"You have to be very lucky to get a chance to work with a legend in your first film. The experience was fabulous. He has always been my dad's idol. I remember when I was a kid, dad would say to my mom, 'I wish I had hair like him.' So, when you grow up hearing great things about a person who your parents idolise, working with him in your first film can be an overwhelming experience," says Tina.

Gippy, who worked with Dharmendra in Double Di Trouble (2014), says, "I have been very close to him. His character in this film is very different and the audience will love him in this role. I got to learn a lot during the shoot. He is a film school in himself."