Genelia Deshmukh
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Genelia is a glowing mommy!

Genelia Deshmukh

By Tulsi, News Network

Genelia D’Souza’s first public appearance after the delivery of her baby boy is for none other than Pampers! Yes, she is the ideal choice to promote the diaper brand. Apparently, the glowing mommy  revealed the secret of her boy Riaan’s peaceful sleep.

“Being a first time mother has made me learn and unlearn my beliefs about baby care. Like many mothers, I trusted my sight or smell to change my baby’s diaper. I would just check the outside of the diaper and feel happy thinking that my baby is dry by just feeling it from outside.”

“On the recommendation of my pediatrician, I checked my baby’s diaper from inside only to find that not only was the inside wet but also my baby’s bottom was also wet. That is when I decided to use a diaper which ensures dryness from inside for the peaceful sleep of my little baby. I swear by Pampers Baby Dry Pants for my baby boy’s peaceful sleep. Pampers Baby Dry Pants assures dryness on the inside which no other diaper promises as of today. My baby is best pampered in Pampers Pants.”

And she’s hit the cord! Smart move, Pampers!