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Shocked and hurt but not out: Gauahar Khan on slap attack!

Gauahar Khan


Most of us want reality TV star Gauhar Khan, who was recently slapped by an audience member for wearing a short dress while shooting India's Raw Star, to stand strong at the moment. And that is exactly what she is doing.

"I thank my family, friends, fans, media, TV industry and film industry for all the love and support. I assure you all that I am hurt but not out. I am shocked but more determined. I felt injured but stronger than ever," the Bigg Boss 7 winner said.

The attack happened on Sunday while Gauhar was hosting the finale of India's Raw Star. An audience member slapped her during the break of the show. He said that being a Muslim woman, the actress should not have worn a short dress.

Khan expressed hopes that the man, identified as Mohammed Akil Mallick (24) and currently in police custody, will get punished for his violent behaviour. "This loser doesn't represent my beautiful faith which in itself means peace and submission. He apparently attacked me because I am an actress. He wanted to send out his warped message. I am using the same status to appeal to all women to stand against such acts."

Gauhar said despite her shock she did not let the incident spoil the finale of the show and completed her shoot. "I feel that pain of all women who go through any such attacks in the name of moral policing... I know this man does not represent the youth of India because the coward was outnumbered by the young boys who were outraged by his cowardly attack on me," she said.