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Gauahar Khan to support a cause!


Mumbai, Sept. 12 -- Many celebrities support various social causes to create awareness about them. 
Actor Gauahar Khan says she wants to talk about the myth that breast cancer only strikes elder women because of which younger women do not pay attention to its symptoms.
The Begum Jaan actor says, "Yes, I know a few women who suffered from breast cancer at a young age. They weren't from my family; they were some friends of mine. But I saw how difficult it was [for them to deal with it] and how early detection [of breast cancer] can save lives."
Gauahar adds, "Women assume that they can get breast cancer only in the later stages of their life, which is not true. Hence, we need to spread awareness about the disease. Regular tests are necessary for all women. Hence, I want to be associated with any group, who is working for the cause, so that I can help spread awareness about it."