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Freida: It's very easy for me to say no!

Freida Pinto


New Delhi, Jan. 17 -- While she has often admitted that her struggle to stardom has been challenging, actor Freida Pinto says that she never hesitates when it comes to saying no to things that she thinks she's not cut out for.

"It is very easy for me to say no. If there is something that I don't believe in, I am the first person to disagree. I have no qualms about refusing anything that does not seem right, and it does not matter who I am dealing with," says the 30-year-old Slumdog Millionaire star.

Although Freida respects the veterans in her line of work, she says that she does not let them or anyone else dictate terms to her. "I do have a lot of respect for people who have been around for ages, but if they think that they are infallible and they can dictate terms to me, I will not take it ... I am the kind of person who cannot keep my mouth shut," says Freida, adding that she makes sure she goes by this rule while choosing projects.

"You'll probably see my performances suffer if I didn't see the strength in my character. It is very important for me to understand my character, and only then can I excel at it," she says.