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Shaadi Ke Side Effects enabled me do lot of comedy!: Farhan

Farhan Akhtar says of all the films he has done as an actor till now, Shaadi Ke Side Effects gave him the chance to do maximum comedy. "I got to do a lot of comedy in the film. The dialogues and the situations are very funny. I think out of all the films that I have done as an actor till now, this is probably the most humourous film I ever did," the 40-year-old said here at a promotional event for the film.

The actor also says that Shaadi Ke Side Effects has the elements of a basic rom-com.

"Actually most of my scenes in the film are comic because the film is essentially a comedy. It has that classic format of a rom-com where things get serious when the resolution of the story is about to happen and all life secrets tumble out," said Farhan.

Directed by Saket Chaudhary, Shaadi Ke Side Effects features Vidya Balan opposite Farhan. It hits theatres Feb 28.

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