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Never taken anyone for a ride: Farhan

Farhan Akhtar


Mumbai, April 18 -- He is a film-maker and an actor. He made his debut as a musician after playing the role of a rock star in Rock On!! (2008).

We caught up with him to discuss his recent collaboration with music composer Vishal Dadlani, and Chennai-based band Skrat for the song, 'Mutant macha'. He discusses bringing independent music into popular culture and his idea about exploiting music on digital platforms.

How would you react to the case that director Abhishek Kapoor has filed against you over the script of the Rock On!! sequel?

Since the matter is still in the court, I don't want to comment on it. I'll leave it to them to decide. I'm quite certain that they'll realise what the truth is when they go through the evidence. Whatever has happened is unfortunate. Never in my life have I taken things for granted or taken anyone for a ride. I have no intentions of doing that either. My reputation is more important than work.

As a musician, do you think there's a need to make independent music more popular in India?

I have always felt that there are some talented artistes outside the film space, but Bollywood music is overbearing on the popular culture. Independent music is representative of the common man as opposed to film music, where the song is about a particular situation or the people involved in the film. Unlike that, independent musicians talk about their experiences and I would love to be part of it.

So, does that mean we will soon see you come out with an album outside the film space?

I'm not certain about an album. But we are creating singles or I'm going solo with other musicians. I will continue to collaborate with other artistes. I want to focus on myself and other artistes, more importantly songwriters, right now.

Is that the reason behind your collaboration with Vishal Dadlani and Skrat?

Yes, our company works for the rights of an independent artistes. We help those musicians who don't have enough budgets to market their music. We try to make their music visible in the popular culture.