Farhan Akhtar
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I have an urge to direct again: Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar


Farhan Akhtar, who turned 41 on Friday (January 9), will complete 15 years in Bollywood this year.

With lots of films and music tours lined up, 2015 promises to be busy. The actor who dons many hats — director, producer,­ writer, musician — discusses his 15 year-long journey.

How does it feel to complete 15 years in the industry?

It feels great. So much has happened that to a certain extent, it doesn’t feel like 15 years have passed. But it has been an exciting journey!

People are waiting for you to direct a film again.

I last directed in 2011 (Don 2), and the urge is on the rise. I have a feeling that sooner or later, I’ll make something. Everyone has a take on what they’d like me to make, but first, I want to finish what’s already on my plate.

You’ve been vocal about your displeasure with the mandatory anti-smoking ­disclaimer in films.

Personally, from the minute that they (censor board) started requesting that we put that disclaimer inside a film, I had a ­problem with it. I’ve been voicing it since then. In a film, if you have to put a disclaimer in the middle of a scene, it is a total infringement of the creative space. It’s somebody else’s expression, and you are removing the audience from that moment by demanding that a disclaimer be put. What is the problem? If smoking is an issue, we all do understand that. And it’s not that people in the film industry don’t care about it. We want to be part of the solution to try and find a way to discourage young people from smoking. We would be happy to have that anti-smoking campaign before the film starts. There’s a certain disrespect to a filmmaker when you’re making something mandatory for them to do.