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Farhan's reading habit!

Farhan Akhtar


Mumbai, March 24 -- For some time now, Farhan Akhtar has been travelling across the world - be it on tour with his band, or a recent visit to New York, USA, for a United Nations conference.

With a chunk of his time spent in transit, he is making the most of it by carrying along a lot of reading material.

A source close to Farhan reveals, "He loves to read in his free time, so when he travels, he gets enough time to indulge in his favourite hobbies. Since he has been travelling a lot lately, he is using the transit time to read. He has been reading everything from biographies and travelogues to poetry and scripts."

Apparently, Farhan carries a separate bag containing all his books. "It gets quite heavy sometimes, but he takes it everywhere. He loves his books and is particular about the way they are stored too," says the source, adding, "Even when he was shooting for his upcoming film on a cruise last year, he would be engrossed in reading in his free time."