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Farhan's daughters join the cause of saving water..


New Delhi, May 1 -- Actor Farhan Akhtar is someone who uses his celeb status to support social causes. 
The actor-filmmaker, who had earlier launched MARD (Men Against Rape and Discrimination) - an initiative to raise social awareness against rape, has now taken up the task of spreading awareness about water conservation. 
And, guess who he has in tow? His daughters, Akira and Shakya. Farhan feels very strongly about saving water, and has been working towards the cause. But now, his kids have also joined him," confirms Farhan's spokesperson.
Farhan's girls are excited about the cause and have been helping him ideate on how to save water. 
A source close to Farhan tells us: "Shakya and Akira give him simple but useful tips on how he can avoid wasting water, like finishing a glass of water, instead of leaving it half filled. They have even stopped using the bath tub to bathe."