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Farhan was touched by Sanjay's openness & honesty


New friendships and fresh relationships are par for the course in Bollywood. Although Farhan Akhtar and Sanjay Dutt have been part of the industry for a long time now, they have never worked together or had “heart-to-heart conversations”.

“You can’t call them friends either, mainly because Sanjay is senior to Farhan, and the latter, like many others, always looked up to Sanjay,” a source says.

Now, HT Café has learnt that the two recently met and “bonded well” over a long conversation.

Apparently, when the two met, their conversations ranged from their lives to the experiences that Sanjay has had till now.

“Sanjay is a changed man after his time in jail. He is more open and warm [as a person] and is forthcoming about how his journey has been. In fact, his honesty was the ice breaker between the two,” a source says.

During the conversation, Sanjay also shared several stories from his time in Yerwada jail. “From adapting to the lifestyle in jail to living there, the actor spoke about how he overcame several challenges, and what kept him going. Farhan was extremely touched by Sanjay’s openness and honesty,” the source says. Farhan and Sanjay could not be reached for a comment.