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Farhan wants to don the director's hat again..

Farhan Akhtar


New Delhi, Oct. 5 -- Farhan Akhtar wears many hats - he's an actor, producer, singer and director. But for someone who began his career behind the camera, it has been over three years since his last directorial venture, Don 2, released.

So is the director in Farhan urging him to wield the megaphone again? "The urge to don the director's hat has begun to grow, but I have three film commitments right now. I've categorically told myself not to think of anything beyond them," says Farhan.

So does the director have any script in place? "We all have scripts that stay with us for years together, like Zoya's (Akhtar; sister, filmmaker) Luck By Chance was in preproduction for seven years. In my case, I wrote the script of Voice Of The Sky right after Dil Chahta Hai (2001)."

But there was also Dev Benegal's film, where, according to rumours, he was rewriting the script. "No, it's a great script. I loved it. It's very unfortunate that it didn't happen at the time when we wanted it to. Hopefully, it will work out. In fact, I told Dev about two-and-a-half weeks ago, before he left for New York, that we should meet again, as it is a great script. The film will happen if the timing is right," he says.