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Farhan bats for digital rights for independent musicians

Farhan Akhtar


New Delhi, May 1 -- Bollywood director-actor-singer Farhan Akhtar, who recently released his independent single Mutant Macha, believes that the only way for an independent artist to make money is by selling their singles on the internet.

"We have to focus on digital exploitation rights - that is something which is important right now. Who do they exist for and whom do they benefit? Getting the independent artists those rights on the internet is of utmost important right now."

The 41-year-old filmmaker acknowledges that piracy poses a huge problem for the artists, but is hopeful that anti-piracy laws will become stronger and things will change. "Whether it's films or music or pictures. We are affected by piracy in some way or the other. So, to a certain extent we do have to rely on good intentions of people. Hopefully, things will change for better with stricter anti-piracy laws coming in, things are changing to a certain extent," he says.