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Farhan back in the director's chair!

Farhan Akhtar


New Delhi, June 17 -- Farhan Akhtar may have started off as a director with the pathbreaking films such as Dil Chahta Hai (2001) followed by other hits like Lakshya (2004), Don (2006) and Don 2 (2011), he has not directed a film in four years now.

However, if all goes well, the actor-filmmaker will go behind the camera again in 2016.

"I don't know (when exactly) but Farhan has got a really amazing script. So, I think sometime next year (he should start his next directorial venture)," says Farhan's sister Zoya, who directed him in her latest multi-starrer.

Of late, there has been a lot of talk about Farhan taking up the third installment of the Don series, but there has been no official word on the development yet. Farhan, on his part, recently stated that he doesn't have the bandwidth for it, and added that he has other scripts he'd like to revisit when he has more time.

Ask Zoya if she discusses work with her brother, and she says, "Of course, we totally discuss work. So we are like, 'what are you doing, what you want to do next' ... we discuss movies a lot."

In fact, Zoya readily admits that Farhan "is around for each and every process (of her films)." "He reads all our drafts and works out my dialogues, so he is always around," she says.