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Farhan appreciates efforts towards gender equality

Farhan Akhtar


New Delhi, April 7 -- Actor Farhan Akhtar, who is the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador for South Asia, has been actively working towards gender equality.

Recently, when he found out that mountaineer Anand Bansode climbed the highest mountain in Australia to support the same cause, he was very impressed.

"Farhan got to know about Anand through a friend and then looked up the news. Anand climbed the highest mountain in Australia, Kosciuszko, to spread the message and continues to work towards the cause," says a source, close to the actor.

Farhan, who has set up MARD, an initiative which works towards spreading gender awareness, also congratulated Bansode on social networks, and is eager to meet him. "Farhan saluted Anand's spirit on Twitter. In fact, he has asked his team to reach out to Anand and arrange a meeting with him whenever possible," adds the source.