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Farhan Akhtar: The ladies' man

Farhan Akhtar

Mumbai, March 28 -- Travelling is a crucial part of a Bollywood star's life, and Farhan Akhtar is no exception.    But the film-maker-turned actor is extremely protective of the women in his entourage - his manager and hairstylist.    

In the current scenario, where crimes against women get reported nearly every day, Farhan puts in extra effort to ensure that his team members are safe while travelling with him or returning home.    

A source close to Farhan says, "He has often spoken to them about not taking safety lightly." And now that he is travelling extensively with his band, Farhan Live, the actor is being extra careful. "The large number of fans at these shows creates a slight security issue and, even in that crowd, Farhan keeps an eye out for the girls. He ensures that they are safe and not being pushed around or shoved," the source adds.    

This was also the case when the team went to Bangladesh during the Asia Cup earlier this year for the India-Pakistan cricket match. "Even when the team travels for film promotions, he is vigilant. After packing up for the day, he ensures that the women in his team are escorted to their hotel and dropped to their rooms safely," adds the source.    

The actor's spokesperson confirms this news, saying, "Farhan has personally briefed his team to ensure the security and safety of the girls at all times."