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Guess why this Farah Khan picture is trending?

Farah Khan

By Tulsi, Bollywood.com News Network

It’s a photograph from 2005, a decade old, that brings back memories of Bollywood diaries. That’s Farah Khan hugging close buddy Hritik Roshan on her Sangeet, with all the love and happiness she’s got.

Cute? Very!

But that’s not the reason why it’s trending. If you look carefully, you will also see the famous pre-Bollywood entry Arjun Kapoor! We bet you didn’t see that!

Just a day or two ago, Arjun Kapoor had shared a picture of his before-after avatars on social media. And now, Farah tweets this picture saying: "Talking of weight loss @arjunk26 at my Sangeet 10 yrs ago!! Take a bow." And Arjun Kapoor, who is definitely not embarrassed, but rather proud of his achievement, replies: "@TheFarahKhan ironically we meet next for a Daawat."

The boy’s got a sense of humor!