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Farah is ready to take on Salman!

Farah Khan


New Delhi, Jan. 4 -- Starting today, filmmaker Farah Khan will take over as host of an ongoing reality show, from actor Salman Khan. Calling herself an "avid, unabashed and unembarrassed" fan of this show, Farah says that she's ready to face comparisons with Salman, head on.

"Comparisons have already begun," says Farah laughing. "But that's fine. Even in real life, whatever I do is put under scrutiny and criticism all the time, so I'm used to all of that," she adds.

Farah admits that while as an audience she's been a fan of contestant Gautam Gulati, as a host now she'll have to keep her bias aside. "Also, your liking or disliking a person depends on who has done what that week. I was a huge fan of Sangram (Singh) last season but after becoming the captain he goofed up so much that my impression changed," says Farah, who however feels that as a host one has to have a strong attachment with the contestants.

"Salman does such a great job of it because he gets involved in their lives inside. He genuinely tells them what he feels - good, bad or ugly. You can't be detached and hosting this kind of a show, otherwise get a script and read it out!" And is she wary of the fights? "Not at all. Fights only add masala," she says.