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Farah Khan to donate all her organs!


Mumbai, Feb. 21 -- A while back, Farah Khan had pledged to donate her eyes. In the latest instance, the director has now decided to donate all her organs. She says that ultimately, "they won't be of any use" to her.

"I have been planning to donate my organs for a long time now. But thanks to Hindustan Times (HT), I got an opportunity [to do it]. Recently, when I got a call from HT regarding an organ donation programme, it struck me that it's high time I donate my organs," she says.

The 51-year-old adds that "the next step" for her is to fill the organ donor form and complete the formalities. "I will do that within a few days," says Farah, who strongly believes that organ donation should be more prevalent.

"It should be a popular concept, as our organs won't be of any use when we pass away. And God forbid, if any of our loved ones or kids fall sick, and require an organ, won't we need such donors?" says Farah, adding that even her mother (Menaka) wanted to do the same.

But, at this age, her organs are not in a great state of health. "So we have advised her against it," says Farah. She also wants to do things that can set an example to her kids - Anya, Diva and Czar.

"I want my children to feel proud of me, because when we tell kids to be good people, we should also lead by example by doing something noble," she says.