Evelyn Sharma
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Evelyn won't let fame spoil her!

Evelyn Sharma


New Delhi, May 17 -- Actor Evelyn Sharma is a few films old in Bollywood now, and the actor says that she is being cautious about the side effects that come with being well-known, and won't let fame blind her.

"When stardom is taking over, it inculcates a sense of pride. You really have to be humble," says the actor who has worked in films such as Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) and Yaariyan (2014).

A string of female actors from abroad are making their mark in the industry, but the Indo-German actor says that she does not feel like being a part of the rat race or competing.

"Let everyone be on number one and I'll be happy alone on number two. There's no competition. I have friends, family, church. They are my first priority," she says, adding "There's Katrina (Kaif), Sunny (Leone)... all these people are NRIs like me, it's the director's choice who he wants to cast in his film."