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Evelyn has 'designs' on Berlin!

Evelyn Sharma


New Delhi, Aug. 27 -- Despite working in four films in two years, German model Evelyn Sharma is still struggling to gain a foothold in Bollywood. However, she has chosen to not waste the time in her hand, and is working hard to launch a designer clothing line. In fact, she wants to take her designs to the 2015 Berlin Fashion Week (BFW).

Evelyn has already started exhibiting her work to her confidants. "The idea is still at a nascent stage. She keeps sketching, and has even participated in a show or two. One of her friends suggested that she take part in an international fashion show, and she began toying with the idea. Evelyn has good international contacts, and is using all her resources to make it to the next BFW," says a source close to the actor.

The actor has kept a few sketches ready, so that if she manages to bag a show, she won't have to struggle to meet the deadline.

Confirming the report, Evelyn says, "I am trying my best. It would be an honour to be asked to be part of such a huge event. I've already done a show in Goa, and received several compliments for my designs. And, I would love to showcase them at the Berlin Fashion Week too."