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Evelyn is fan-struck!

Evelyn Sharma


New Delhi, Jan. 27 -- When actor Evelyn Sharma ignored a fan who wanted to shoot a music video with her, little did she know that she would soon be floored by his talent, and would actually end up working with him.

"Two months back, a fan named Shrey Singhal sent a request that he wants to shoot a music video with her. Evelyn did not acknowledge him, and he tried everything to get in touch with her. However, later Evelyn watched the aspiring singer's work online and she was so impressed that she agreed to do the video at once," says a source, adding that it took a fair amount of persuasion from Shrey. "The 19-year-old even got in touch with her public relations firm asking for her details so that he could talk to her. Finally she agreed to do the video," adds the source.

The actor shot the song titled Khudaai, last month. "The song came out beautifully and Shrey was thrilled," adds the source. Evelyn, too, is glad that she did not let the opportunity pass. "It was fantastic working with a talented singer like Shrey. I felt really flattered that he knows so much about my previous work. I was fan-struck," she says.