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Nepal: Celebrities lend a helping hand!

Esha Gupta


Mumbai, May 1 -- Esha Gupta has joined the list of people who are trying to do their bit for the people of Nepal who are coping with the devastation caused by an earthquake on April 25.

"She has decided to send some clothes, as well as food for the victims," says a source close to the actor.

Apparently, Esha has also appreciated the efforts made by a Sikh organisation to send food packets from the community kitchen of Amritsar's Golden Temple. "She is urging her friends and fans to help those in Nepal in every possible way," adds the source.

When contacted, Esha confirmed the story, and said, "I appreciate and salute our armed forces, Air Force personnel, doctors and volunteers who have come forward and offered their support to the people of Nepal. They are helping us overcome every obstacle to restore normalcy in Nepal."