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Esha lashes out against beauty enhancement obsessions!

Esha Gupta


New Delhi, March 30 -- Model-turned-actor Esha Gupta is popular for her fashion sense and style quotient. However, not many know that the Delhi girl is quite upfront, too, when it comes to taking a stand for social issues.

Recently, she took to Twitter to show her displeasure against some racist comments made by a politician, whereby he had passed derogatory comments about the dark complexion of South Indians. Esha says that she finds this entire hype around skin colour atrocious.

"We live in a country which was ruled by the whites, and unfortunately, we are still obsessed by them and their skin. Why can't we say, 'Stay lovely, have clear skin, be beautiful'. Why is fair always lovely? Or why is fair handsome? This hypocrisy in our society is unreal... we can't let a child ever grow up being confident by discriminating him or her on the basis of skin colour," says the 29-year old, known for appearing in films such as Jannat 2 (2012), Chakravyuh (2012) and her recent special appearance in Baby.

Revealing that she had once declined a huge sum of money from a cosmetic brand that had asked her to endorse a skin lightening product, the actor says that she even finds the use of botox to enhance features completely obnoxious.

Explaining her stand and talking about actors such as American TV star Kim Kardashian, who's often been criticised for alleged use of botox beauty treatments, Esha says, "I have no issues with botox. I might do it myself, but if you have everything going for you, why do you need an image makeover or an image that's unattainable? The Kim Kardashian way isn't the right way."

Esha also finds the obsession to become paper thin illogical. "Everyone is going crazy about being thin, but what about being fit? Thigh gaps are the new 'it' thing. What happened to being strong? Real people have flaws... that's the way we are created, unless you are Aishwarya Rai," she says with a smirk.