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V-day is special for Esha Deol and hubby!

Esha Deol


New Delhi, Feb. 14 -- Valentine's Day may be overrated for some, but actor Esha Deol feels differently. Esha, who married Mumbai-based businessman Bharat Takhtani two years back, still feels passionatly about occasions like Valentine's Day.

In fact, the couple always plans something special for the day every year. However, this year will be different as Esha is busy shooting for a reality show. "Valentine's Day is very special for us. We always celebrate it. But this time it will not be the same as I am busy with the show," says Esha.

Although the actor tied the knot two years back, she says that their relationship is as strong as it was when they started dating. "I feel it differs from couple to couple. Ours was a love marriage and we knew each other really well. I don't think we will ever let the magic die down in our marriage. Our masti will never stop," she says.

While both Esha and Bharat come from very different backgrounds, they are alike and have similar likes and dislikes. "We are both very romantic. However, at the same time, we are also practical people. We like to go with the flow," says Esha.

The Dhoom actor feels that it is important to be friends with each other before trying to form any other relationship. "We know each other from before and are buddies before being husband and wife. This helps us a lot in our relationship," says Esha.