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Stop categorising actors, says Emraan

Emraan Hashmi


New Delhi, April 16 -- Actor Emraan Hashmi, 36, may have a number of hit films to his credit, but it's hard to slot the actor.

He isn't named among A-listers like the Khans, and is too senior to be considered a newcomer. Ask him about this and he replies that it's unfair to categorise actors.

"Every actor is unique in their own way. I do a lot of different cinema. Many other actors have done many different kinds of films, which I have never tried. People should stop saying things like, 'These are the categories and these are the list of actors in them'," he says.

He feels every actor should be judged by his or her body of work. "I don't know why these categories are created for actors. It really undermines one's work. People should be seen for the work they do."