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Emraan's a relieved father!

Emraan Hashmi


Mumbai, Aug. 4 -- For Emraan Hashmi, the year began with the harsh news that his son Ayan had been diagnosed with cancer. But after battling the disease - a malignant tumor in his kidney - for six months, his son has recovered now, and the actor is finally heaving a sigh of relief.

His family had a tough journey, but today they are in a much better state, as the four-year-old has resumed his normal daily activities, including going to school. A source close to the actor tells us, "Now that Ayan is back home, he shows his extended family and friends the scars on his body from the surgery and chemotherapy, and often tells them 'all this will go away, as I'm growing bigger and stronger'."

When contacted, Emraan confirms the news, "At times, ignorance is bliss. Kids being kids, they don't have the baggage of fear about the term cancer. My only worry was that it would impact him psychologically. Scars were never a problem, it was the ailment that we were trying to tackle, and he has sailed through it." About the treatment, the relieved father adds, "At times he would cry when we would take him to the hospital, but otherwise he was all smiles. He was initially on the IV, but we later put him on port, which is the best way for any cancer patient to take medicines."