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Emraan's not scared!

Emraan Hashmi


Mumbai, July 26 -- Emraan Hashmi's international movie with noted film-maker Danis Tanovic has been in the news for some time. Apparently, the project was stuck for a while and its makers were finding it difficult to get a release, since it did not have a distributor.

Emraan says, "On an average, it takes a year to make a Hindi film. However, we took a year and a half because the talent in this movie is spread all over the world. But it is now ready and we will start showcasing it at film festivals soon."

Also, not many know that the movie is based on the life of a poor Pakistani whistle-blower and his struggle against a corrupt system. The actor says, "The film is based on a true story and after going through the festival circuit, the movie will have a proper release."

But isn't Emraan worried that news will get out on what the project is all about when it goes to festivals? He says, "That's fine. If we were scared, we wouldn't have made the film. Also, it is a documented thing and we aren't maligning anyone."