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Emraan Hashmi's son operated for tumour

Emraan Hashmi

Actor Emraan Hashmi is facing tough times, as his four-year-old son Ayan was recently diagnosed with first-stage cancer.

Giving details, Emraan’s uncle, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, said, “It was Emraan who informed me on Monday that Ayan had been diagnosed with a tumour in his kidney that was earlier thought to be malignant, but later found benign. On Tuesday, the child underwent an ­operation at the Hinduja ­hospital in Mumbai and the tumour has been removed. It was like a time-bomb ticking in his body; and it’s out now,” said Bhatt on Wednesday morning.

The child will remain under medical care for the next few days. “Things are looking better now, but the child is still in the ICU and further medical ­investigations will determine the future treatment, and that could probably mean ­chemotherapy,” added Bhatt.

Emraan was shattered on hearing the news, and ­cancelled his shoot in South Africa to be by his son’s side.

“Emraan was ­initially ­devastated because when you hear news like that, your mind imagines the worst. But I told him that we have to take the news in our stride and deal with it. Emraan has truly turned a gladiator and is ready to take all the ­challenges in his stride.”