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Emraan Hashmi travels by auto for short trips in Mumbai

Emraan Hashmi


Emraan Hashmi, who was recently spotted promoting his upcoming flick Ungli in the national capital, has said that he prefers travelling in auto rickshaws for short trips in Mumbai.

Speaking at the event, Hashmi said, "I do travel by auto rickshaws, for all short distances, I travel by auto rickshaw from my house. Three  wheeler always beat four wheeler in Mumbai's traffic, like recently I was shooting in Mehboob studio and I went by auto rickshaw."

Ungli is based on different types of problems that a common man faces on a daily basis and is slated to release on 28th November 2014.

Talking about the film, Emraan said, "(It is) A film having social relevance, along with other elements of society like corruption, where the common man is not able to raise his voice against corrupt powers and injustice happening to him and a gang, whose extreme measure is to fight injustice, comes to help him. I think this has rarely happened in our Bollywood films."