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Emraan Hashmi: Kissing has lost its shock value..

Emraan Hashmi


Mumbai, April 8 -- Emraan Hashmi has spent over a decade in Bollywood, and has done various films, most of them being thrillers.

Soon after he made his Bollywood debut with Murder (2004), the actor was given the tag of a 'serial kisser' in the industry. But Emraan tells us that he is trying hard to do away with this stereotypical image by doing different genres of films now.

Kissing on screen was a big deal in Bollywood some years ago and it was the USP of most of your films. We've heard you want to break free from this image now?

Kissing has lost its shock value. Some years ago, the film fraternity and the audience were against kissing. But now, it's fairly accepted. All the films I have done had strong narratives and characters, but the kissing scenes were highlighted the most. I found that unfair. I am glad that other actors are also doing the same kind of scenes now. Since I have played rakish, immoral and grey characters over the years, I think it's time to explore new things and reinvent myself.

Wouldn't trying something new be difficult now?

To find a new space is certainly difficult and every actor works towards it. Shah Rukh Khan was known for his romantic roles, and Amitabh Bachchan had the angry-young-man image, and being part of erotic thrillers has given me a certain tag. But reinvention is a process, and it takes a few years to be accepted in a new avatar. I have a couple of films lined up. Let's see which one changes the perception of people.

The industry seems to be in a bad phase currently. In the first quarter of the year, none of the films were big hits. Why do you think there is such a sudden slide in business?

While it's a tough time for the industry, it could also be the best time because it's only after you see a major low, that you restructure things. I think a balance between budget and content needs to be achieved. The reason why the films did not work is because the content did not work.