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Emraan Hashmi: I am proud of all my films..

Emraan Hashmi


New Delhi, Aug. 20 -- Actor Emraan Hashmi is synonymous with erotic thrillers, despite the fact that he has done comedies, political dramas as well as gangster films.

But that doesn't faze the Ghanchakkar actor. "I have never been embarrassed about any of my films. I am very liberal in my thoughts and so is the audience, today. Certain people see the erotic element in my films as the be-all and end-all. And, there are people who still blush when there is a bold subject on screen. However, the majority is open-minded," says Hashmi.

It's these erotic thrillers such as Murder 2 which have earned him the serial kisser tag, and Hashmi says he's starting to get "pissed off " with it. "People should get creative now. The thing that pisses me off is that today, in 80% of the films, they are doing the same thing (kissing onscreen). Plus, my characters do other things too, but people choose to look at only the kissing part," says Hashmi, whose four-year-old son, Ayaan, hasn't watched any of his films because of the A-certificate his movies get. But even though Ayaan is growing up fast, Hashmi says it won't affect his choice of films. "My audience is my family. My family has never affected my choice," says Hashmi, who plays a conman in his next.