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Emraan Hashmi gets technical for Mr X..

Emraan Hashmi


Not many people know that Emraan Hashmi started his Bollywood career as an assistant director. That means, the actor knows the technicalities involved in the filmmaking process. While Emraan is mostly occupied with acting in most of his films, for his upcoming project, Mr X he has also been involved in the editing process.

Since the film — he plays a scientist in it — has a lot of special effects, award-winning British special effects supervisor, Neil Corbould, has been roped in for it. And, apparently, Emraan has been spending a lot of time with Neil.

"Emraan is showing keen involvement in the special effects and has been working with Neil on the VFX. He has been interested in special effects and animation since his college days," says a source close to the actor. When asked how he keeps up with the technical know-how despite his busy acting schedule, Emraan says, "I stay updated on the latest developments in special effects and animation as I find the areas interesting. It’s great that I have got a chance to be practically involved with the process in the film."