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Emraan: Failure is very important

Emraan Hashmi


Mumbai, June 1 -- On a Friday afternoon, when we walked into Emraan Hashmi's Bandra (W) house, we were greeted by a reasonably leaner-looking actor.

When we asked him what the secret behind his new, toned physique was, Emraan revealed that he has been running around to acquire the perfect look for his next - a biopic on former cricketer Mohammad Azharuddin.

As we chatted along, Emraan talked about his unsuccessful Bollywood outings, dealing with success and failure, and more.

Your last few films didn't do too well at the box office. Do you ever think about what went wrong?

Yes, I do. But I also know how to detach myself from success and failure. I will not gloat when I succeed, or indulge in self-pity when I fail. After a weekend, I dust myself up, and say, "I'm going to take one more swing and, I will see how it plays out." Every actor faces failure, and when you do more films, your rate of failure increases, as you start experimenting with projects. It's not like I sit with a director, and say, "Let's make a flop film today." At times, things don't work out.

Do these box-office failures never restrict you from experimenting?

Success gives you a false sense of safety. I have seen people's attitudes change after a few hits. People think that they have the answers to everything when they are doing well. But, actually, no one does. I believe you fight your best after a failure. I have been in this situation where I had a string of hits, and people in the room thought I had all the answers. That was unnerving. When you have flops, the same people will think, "Oh, he doesn't know much." Failure is very important. A lot of actors run away from these questions. I embrace failure in the same way I look at success.

With your choice of films, are you trying to get rid of the serial-kisser tag that has long been associated with you?

I have been trying to shrug it off for a while now. There are always different phases in an actor's career, and this is the time for me to change. My sensibilities have changed. My experiences have made me a different person. I can't do anything frivolous on screen. Hopefully, people will see me in a new light.