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Emraan charms his fans on the street!

Emraan Hashmi


Mumbai, June 22 -- While most actors tend to get perturbed about being mobbed while shooting in public places, Emraan Hashmi enjoys his time with his fans.

Recently, when he was shooting for his next film at Charni Road, which is a popular seaside area in south Mumbai, he entertained his fans by showing them card tricks. We have been told that the actor has learnt three-card monte from a professional card hustler.    

"He was shooting in Charni Road and people started thronging the area. He interacted with them and showed them card tricks that he has learned recently," says a source close to the actor.    

Seeing how comfortable Emraan was with his fans, the crowd started growing and people appreciated his effort. "As he sportingly entertained them by showing one trick after the other, people applauded him for his gesture," adds the source.    

The session went on for about half an hour before he resumed shooting. The director of the film, Kunal Deshmukh, confirms the news, saying, "Emraan is quite proficient at the game. People loved the tricks he showed them while we were shooting two days ago. But, we had to request the mob to evacuate as we had to continue shooting."